Creative practice of artist duo IevaKrish (Ieva G.-Sants and Krišjānis Sants) can be described as a hybrid-form of contemporary choreography and space design. The research of which every time manifests itself in a wide usage of media and form. Both often work in spaces of transition. The relationship between spectator, performer, environment and other spectator is often redefined. In other words - in work of IevaKrish communication itself becomes a subject and content of art.

Krišjānis studied choreography in Latvian Academy of Culture (2011) and P.A.R.T.S. (2014). Ieva acquired her education in Scotland SSCD (2015) and Israel KCDC (2016). Since 2016 both are based in Riga and collaborate internationally under a name of IevaKrish. In 2018 both graduated Latvian Art Academy acquiring MA degrees in scenography.

Presently IevaKrish practice a multi-vocal dancing and are busy with creating a performance with/for blind and visually impaired audiences. For 2022 both are intending to create an immersive soundscape, visual performance for infants.


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