HOROS dance residency programme focuses on development of long-term relationship with its residency artists and embedding the residency activities in the local context, places and community of Aizpute town. HOROS residency takes place once a year, in August-September, and welcomes artists that are ready to share their practice or creation with the local public during the one day festival as part of the residency. 

HOROS artist residency is made possible through a close collaboration with several local partners and venues - using the existing structures and connecting different initiatives in this small community and opening up new, temporary places for art that are available only during the summer period. These include Aizpute culture house, industrial space of the key factory "Kurzemes atslēga", Aizpute former concert house.

Housing for HOROS artists is provided in collaboration with SERDE artist residence and workshop centre in Aizpute.

Artists will be able to work in these facilities: 1) Aizpute Culture house that as functioned since 1950. Located in a former synagogue, it captures the history of changing times and regimes, strongly present in Latvia. It has two studios with 100 and 300 spectator seats, a basic light, sound, video equipment and technical personell.

2) the culture club "Kurzeme" of the local factory "Kurzemes atslēga" with its uniquely preserved 1980ies modernism interior has just been listed among National cultural monuments, it is used by folk dance groups during the year.

3) the former Aizpute concert house that was active during the Soviet period and has since been neglected.

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