Satikt is a performance by artist duo IevaKrish featuring acoustic singing, immersive couple dance choreography, and moving sound scenography. It explores Lithuanian traditional polyphonic sutartinės chants, investigating and evaluating them through dance as an implicit practice of mutual dialogue. 

Authors - IevaKrish

Sound design - Jēkabs Nīmanis

Singers- Ilze Amanda Zakrevska and Dārta Drava


Re-premiered - 2022

Duration - 60 minutes 

Audience - up to 100 people. Satikt can be presented in the context of dance as well as music. Can be repeated twice per day 


Space - 20m x 14m (minimum 12m x 10m) of silent indoor space with a smaller side space for greeting the audience 

Height - at least 5 m

Seating - stools and chairs placed in overlapping circles

Floor - without dance mat, preferably wooden floor 

Light - dimmable lights for two spots and the whole space 

Sound - the team travel with own sound equipment and soundman

Scenography - 2 pendulum speakers (4 kg each) and 2 microphones hanging from and wired through the ceiling. Access to hanging points necessary


Team - 6 people 

Traveling from - Riga, Latvia


Rig / strike - 7h / 2h

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